The curriculum is not simply a collection of subjects or experiences. It covers all activities that are designed to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

 Every maintained school must provide the National Curriculum, religious education and collective worship for all pupils.

Responsibility for the curriculum is shared between the Headteacher, teachers, governors, Wigan Council Children and Young People’s Services and the Secretary of State.

The curriculum is organised into four Key Stages which depend on the pupils’ ages as follows:

Foundation Stage Age 3-5 Reception

Key Stage 1 Age 5-7 Year Group 1 & 2

Key Stage 2 Age 7-11 Year Group 3,4,5 & 6

Key Stage 3 Age 11-14 Year Group 7,8 & 9

Key Stage 4 Age 14-16 Year Group 10 & 11

The governing body share responsibility with the Headteacher and Wigan Council Children and Young People’s Services for making sure that the National Curriculum is taught and for carrying out assessments.

The Headteacher must see that the school delivers the curriculum in line with Wigan Council Children and Young People’s Services’ general policy as adapted by the governing body.

Parental Right

  • The governing body would like to point out that parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship. If you wish to exercise this right please put it in writing to the Headteacher.

The Phonics Schemes used throughout the school include:

  • Jolly Phonics
  • Sounds-Write
  • Phonics Play
  • Letters and Sounds

The Reading Schemes utilised throughout the school include:

    • Rigby Star
    • Oxford Reading Tree
    • SpiderWebs
    • Dandelion Readers


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