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Considerate Parking

Dear Parent/Carer I am writing on behalf of the Governing Body about parking at school pick-up and drop-off times and the issues this raises. Andy Burnham MP is leading a clean air drive “Engines off at the school gates” to try and make a difference to harmful fumes that can negatively impact children’s health. St […]

Newsletter 12

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 12   SCHOOL COUNCIL – CAN YOU HELP? Our School Council have suggested enhancing our library with some popular children’s books. All classes were asked for their favourite book ideas.  Top of the list came Horrid Henry books, Rainbow Magic and information books. If you have any books […]


WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL Dear Parents, I am writing to let you know there has been a case of threadworms at school. Threadworms are a very common problem, particularly in children and are generally harmless and easily treatable. Of course it does not always apply that children have “caught” threadworms from someone else […]

Newsletter 11

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 11 CHRISTMAS DIARY DATES   KS2 Ultra-Violet Dodgeball Party   Monday 18th December.  In school time. KS2 children are allowed to wear their own ‘sporty’ clothes. Any donations of crisps, biscuits or party food would be much appreciated.   KS1 Christmas Party Tuesday 19th December in the afternoon. […]

Newsletter 10

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 10   CHRISTMAS DIARY DATES   Christmas Dinner   Monday 11th December.   KS1 Christmas Performances     KS2 Christmas Performances Wednesday 13th December at 9.30am in school. Thursday 14th December at 1.45pm in school.   Wednesday 13th December at 1.30pm in St Andrew’s Church. Thursday 14th December […]

Newsletter 9

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 9 CHILDREN IN NEED Thank you to everyone who supported our recent fundraising for Children in Need. We raised £342.21. Many thanks. (The Staff)   WIGAN & LEIGH HOSPICE CHRISTMAS NOVELTIES We are selling Christmas novelties on behalf of Wigan & Leigh Hospice. This year’s novelties are a […]

Newsletter 8

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 8 ANDY’S KIDS Our dates this term are: 19th November 26th November 17th December Please join us in the Parish Centre from 9.45M. (J Donnellan)   FRIDAY NIGHT IS HAIR CHECK NIGHT! We have recently received a number of reports from parents that their child has had to […]

Newsletter 7

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 7 CHILDREN IN NEED – FRIDAY 17TH NOVEMBER In support of Children in Need we are selling ‘Glow in the Dark’ Pudsey ears, price £2.50. They will be on sale from Monday 13th November. On the day children can come to school in their own clothes and bring […]

Newsletter 6

WIGAN ST ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 6 BRITISH LEGION POPPY APPEAL This year, Remembrance Sunday takes place on 12th November.  We are selling the following items on behalf of the British Legion if you would like to make a donation: Poppy (make a donation) Wristbands 50p Reflectors 50p Friendship Bracelets £1.00 Snap Bands £1.00 […]

Newsletter 5

WIGAN ST. ANDREW’S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 5   KS2 PARENTS – PICKING UP FROM SCHOOL – IMPORTANT NOTE if your child is going home with another child’s parent at the end of the day please inform this to the class teacher in writing, or as a last resort ring Mrs Swift in the office. […]