Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know there has been a case of threadworms at school.

Threadworms are a very common problem, particularly in children and are generally harmless and easily treatable.

Of course it does not always apply that children have “caught” threadworms from someone else at school but as you can imagine when children are working closely together as they would be in school it does not take long for the problem to spread from the infected child to others.

I am asking parents therefore to be very watchful for any signs that their child may have a problem of this kind, to report any outbreak to school and to seek advice and treatment immediately.

There is no reason to keep your child off school as long as your child has been treated. Medication can be obtained free of charge from your pharmacist by asking for treatment through the Minor Ailments Scheme.

In the meantime please remind your child of the importance of regular handwashing, especially after each visit to the toilet and before eating or handling food.

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Wendy Massey




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